Putting up a mezuzah on the doorposts of ones residence or business is one of the most important commandments in the Torah. In a Jewish home, building, business, or school, one should be hung from every doorway. It is meant for the passerby to be aware, as one passes from one room to the next, that God is omnipresent and that we must act in a way that sanctifies His name. The mezuzah is a daily reminder of Jewish identity and faith.

If you are looking to put up a mezuzah on your doorpost or just get your mezuzot checked please fill out the form below.


Putting on tefillin is a commandment that has been around for thousands of years. It is an extremely important mitzva and is foundational to every Jewish man's prayers every weekday. They signify the devotion of one's mind and heart to the Almighty.

If are in need of a pair of tefillin, need them checked, or just want to have someone come over and put them on for you please fill out the form below.

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